Every Expedition for Life is a unique journey into the discovery of You.

Expeditions for Life is a living, breathing, wilderness connection adventure.  It’s primary goal is to re-ignite the burning ember within every individual and to fan the flames of natural passion while gaining the skills and resources to do it along the way. We all have the potential to live in right relation with nature, each other and our selves.

What is an Expedition for Life? It’s a journey with the purpose of rediscovering your true nature. By simply holding a container for connection, we facilitate experiences that support your connectedness with nature, each other and yourself. Every expedition unfolds naturally to reveal unique opportunities for connection and greater awareness in and of all life. Its a new look at your ABC’s: Awareness, Belonging and Connection.

Expeditions for Life makes every effort to utilize local resources and alternative energies over mainstream fossil fuels and plastics consumption. Waste vegetable oils (W.V.O.s) are put to use in the diesel engines, while wind and solar power technologies are used to harness renewable energy to help propel the fleet of sailing vessels.