The Journey

Expeditions for Life is synonymous with the Journey of the Heart!  It is the realization of life’s greatest gift, waking up to our true Nature.  In this awareness of the true heart, connection is what remains when nothing else stands in the way.  Becoming aware to this reality is the realization of wholeness and the inward journey of Expeditions for Life!


Natural Curiosity and Passion

Deep down, we are all led by curiosity and passion to discover the joy in whatever we face, wherever we are.  Uncovering this truth is often the greatest challenge.  The essence of Expeditions for Life is to help recognize those natural curiosities and to fan the flames of passion, leading us to the greatest discoveries of the true Self.


Nature as our Guide

In the presence of nature, we can turn our attention towards what is truly happening rather than towards the distractions of the mind.  Nature reflects the symbols and clues that are intended to guide us towards emotional health and maturity.  It is like a deep pool where stillness offers us clarity and wisdom.  Everything we experience in nature offers an opportunity to see ourselves in its true reflection and to know ourselves as Nature.


Orient with Nature

Every experience in life has something to teach us.  There is an invisible sun that leads us through the cycle of life, much like how the sun moves through the 8 directions in a day.  Awareness of this inner compass helps guide us through our experiences as we orient ourselves with Nature’s intended journey. Untitled

Deep Nature Connection Mentoring

A mentoring relationship comes to fruition when someone is able to help expand the awareness and capabilities of another.  This demands a mentor’s full presence.  The art of mentoring is lost in western civilization.  Awareness in nature offers a way home to this traditional wisdom.  Transformation and growth is supported with healthy mentoring relationships in nature, facilitating the realization of wholeness with other and Self.  

2016-07-03 13.39.23

Transformation and Nature

We all experience the sense of breakdown when life doesn’t seem to be working anymore. Sometimes the transformation we are destined for requires a shift in perspective that can be difficult to realize in day to day life.  When we let go into nature, new perspectives begin to form bringing balance and new beginnings into focus.  

Yield to Overcome Obstacles

In martial arts, a common approach to overcoming an opponent is to yield to the opposing forces in order to get behind them and deflect the energy.  In this same way, we can yield to the sense of being limited by our thoughts and get behind our misconceptions to reveal the greater truth within

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