About Expeditions for Life

Expeditions for Life is synonymous with the Journey of the Heart!  It is the realization of life’s greatest gift, waking up to our true Nature.  In this awareness of the true heart, connection is what remains when nothing else stands in the way.  

Natural Curiosity and Passion

Deep down, we are all led by natural curiosity to discover the truth of our unique expressions and gifts.  Uncovering these truths can be some of life’s greatest challenges as we face inner resistance to life as it is.  The purpose of Expeditions for Life is to support individuals in recognizing those natural curiosities and to fan the flames of passion as those gifts cultivate in the context wilderness expeditions with a supportive crew.

Nature as our Guide

Every experience in life has something to teach us.  Much like how the sun moves through the 8 cardinal directions every day, there is an invisible sun that leads us through the natural stages of life from birth to death. Awareness of this inner compass helps guide us through our experiences as we align ourselves with Nature’s intended journey.

Invisible Mentoring

Invisible mentoring is the opposite of the education style we grew up with. Rather than presenting a child with a curriculum and trying to mold them to fit the information, invisible mentoring meets each child where they’re at. Then, it’s about finding the limit of their abilities, their awareness, their comfort zone, and gently – almost invisibly – coaxing them beyond the edge of what they know.

A good Mentor goes invisibly about their work!

We use the same powerful and proven practices of our wild ancestors, to inspire and awaken children into a healthy, vital and passionate relationship with the world. These practices include storytelling, artful questioning, awareness games and a whole slew of fun activities and games designed to nurture a sensitivity to themselves and others; for Life itself, in all its forms.

And because the invisible mentor works with the rhythm and flow of each child, there is no forced effort of concentration. At its best, it can seem from the outside like nothing is happening – just inspired children, following their innate curiosity and their desire to interact with the world. With an occasional prod from a watchful mentor.

Invisible mentoring brings children alive; their internal armour dissolving as they open to the world, step into the truth of who they are and all that they can be. There is such magic in watching a child experience what it is to be a human being who is fully connected to themselves, to others and to the world at large.

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