Prison of the Mind

Cannot be a doing, achievement, spiritual ambition or a ladder to climb. It is in the falling to your knees. Falling to your knees before the grace of life. When you fall to your knees before the grace of life, you have this open willingness to receive life. To live in surrender. Away from the me that wants and wants wants, more and more and more… always changing the goal posts of what I want to be happy, successful, free. It can never be found in the play of the world and it can never look like the mind thinks it can look. Here now, Here now, meet me here now. Underneath the minds ideas concepts the beliefs… fall into the feeling of yourself being here now. Feel your own existence. Feel the unmoving nature of your own presence. You can feel your presence. It is only presence itself that can be present to itself. It is only being itself that can be being. And this being,m this presence of being is an aware presence. And this aware presence that yoyu are, finds itself, finds the feeling of itself in teh awarenss of itself. So feel your being just being here. No

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