NFP or …?

Update: So the NR came back rejected because of Expeditions for Life Incorporated. C’est La Vie. I should have known better than to try without calling them first. $30 down the drain… well hopefully not. Can appeal it, perhaps.

Really feeling the Sea Otters course this summer. That perhaps could roll into the weekly program starting in the fall. Next step for I, to drop into coyote mentoring and the directions… to plan 50/50 rule and walk through the beach time with ropes and logs. Some scouting missions are in order and a volunteer would be great.

Asking Recreation Staff please… to ask about parent volunteers for the week.

So in the end, what will it be? NFP seems a bit daunting and like a lot of extra when I’m kinda already set up… just need to finish the boat. But that will come in due time. Keep working and showing up for whatever is there.

Very grateful for the passion in seeing the adult courses, the teen courses… etc.

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